Sunday, November 20, 2005

Zarqawi Might Be Dead in Blast

This is too good to be true, and we've been disappointed before.

Of course look for the insane left to portray this as a Bush publicity stunt whether it is true or not.

Hattip: LGF

Update I (11/20/05 1353):
That didn't take long.

More details here:
A U.S. and Iraqi raid on a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq safe house in Mosul sparked a three-hour firefight in which four insurgents and four policemen were killed and three guerrillas blew themselves up, said Gov. Duraid Kashmoulaof Nineveh province.

Iraqi and U.S. forces had suspected Abu Musab Zarqawi, leader of Iraq's most feared insurgent group, might be at the house, Kashmoula said. Zarqawi's whereabouts have been the topic of a stream of murky reports; U.S. military officials have said they believe Zarqawi has vowed not to be taken alive.

The U.S. military was examining the dead late Saturday, the governor said. U.S. military spokesmen in Baghdad said they had no information other than word of the firefight.

Two thoughts:
I. The story is not implausible, since Zarqawi has been disowned by his family, and someone may have ratted him out.

II. A producer at a Mid-East might have gotten a litte over anxious and couldn't wait for confirmation. If the U.S. military is conducting DNA tests, it stands to reason that the story would break from American sources.