Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Us and Them: Part IV

The J-Post reports on the Eged's segregation policy in seating. Private buses in the U.S. similiarly separate the sexes when offering transportation between UO communities. What is most puzzling is that they actually have Mahadrin service and Glatt Mahadrin service.
In addition to the regular mehadrin lines, there are also what are known as "Glatt Mehadrin" that operate inside haredi city centers. On the "glatt" lines women enter the bus from the side door. Women with bus passes punch their own holes. Women who pay in cash have to somehow transfer the money to the driver at the front of the bus. Little children are often used. When there is no other choice the woman herself walks to the front to pay, says Rosenstein.
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HT: Orthomom.