Monday, November 07, 2005

Status Update

I am still technically on blogging vacation (as announced at the bottom of last post) dealing with the demands of real life. However, since some of you view my Blogger profile, I should explain that I reserved a blog called "Post-Godol Hador." I really hope that GH stays in the fight for rational truth, but in the event he leaves, he will leave a huge gaping hole in the j-blogosphere. I prefer that he curtail his posting rather leave, but I guess that is in the hands of a higher authority (Mrs. GH, who must be long suffering).

I can't imagine who would fill his shoes, since his place in all this mess is unique. What I propose in the unfortunate event of him calling it quits is a collaborative blog authored by his regulars. At least if GH leaves he will return to us in spirit, ala Mis-Nagid, albeit one who, hopefully, guest posts frequently.

Sidenote: How ironic is it that Blogger's spell check doesn't have "blogging" or "blogosphere" in its dictionary?