Thursday, November 03, 2005

JC Watts: Republicans Are Arrogant

From Instapundit:
"Republicans in just 10 years have developed the arrogance it took the Democrats 30 years to develop."
Ouch. When I read that it hurt. I really respect JC Watts and used to be friendly with his staff. When he speaks, I listen.

He is refering to, among Libby, Miers, and DeLay, the congressional spending spree that doesn't seem to end. I don't really view Libby, Miers, and DeLay are any fault of the Republican Party, but the spending is an issue that should be core to the party.

From his editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Republicans in Congress are spending like profligates with no tomorrow. The freshman senator from my home state of Oklahoma, Dr. Tom Coburn, recently assumed the role of skunk at the garden party when he inquired about a quarter of a billion dollar bridge to nowhere in Alaska, and had the temerity to suggest that money could be used to rebuild several real bridges to somewhere in Louisiana and Mississippi.

And Tom Delay may or may not be serving his last term in Congress as he faces politically-inspired charges of corrupt fund-raising practices. Certainly, Delay plays hardball, but the last time I checked, being a jerk is not an indictable offense.

I was part of that wild and crazy Class of '94 that shook the political landscape by taking over the House after more than 50 years of unfettered Democrat control. We came to Washington full of ideals and conviction.

But sadly, what they say about absolute power is coming to reality in the 2005 GOP Washington. Republicans in just 10 years have developed the arrogance it took the Democrats 30 years to develop.

He has words for Democrats too:

But speaking of arrogance, DNC Chair Howard Dean, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Campaign Chairman Rahm Emanuel -- the man in the takeover hot seat -- have visions of retaking the majority. Essentially, they believe the basic plan of getting their base to the polls, increasing Hispanic voters, and better communication will put them over the top. They believe their failures in these mechanical functions have cost them in the past decade.

The Democratic leadership is talking about the party's campaign for change and their "new" ideas.

But when you peel the layers of the onion back and start to ask what their new ideas are, you find their party's "big ideas" are the same old things they've been doing for the last 40 years. A Democrat's "big idea" means big spending.

Free college education. More regulation. More money for the No Child Left Behind Act, in spite of the fact that they say it hasn't worked. More money for hurricane victims ... more money for health care ... even more money for military! Now there's a new idea for Democrats!

Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" recently asked Rep. Emanuel how we will pay for these expensive initiatives, in response to which he promptly laid the bill at your feet. In spite of the fact most Americans will pay 50 to 55 cents of every dollar they make in some government tax or fee, Democrats want more.

Republicans promote tax relief. Democrats want more taxes.

For all the weaknesses of my former colleagues, they have held the line on taxes. Republicans want to make tax relief permanent. Democrats want more of your money.

And perhaps more importantly, Democrats still don't understand the values voter. They think better communications will turn the tide with this voter. They just don't get it on cultural and social issues.

Had the values voter not rejected them last time, John Kerry would be in the White House today.

Democrat leadership continues to fail to address social, cultural and economic policy in line with the will of the majority of Americans. They think they can do the same old thing the same old way but not get the same old results.