Monday, November 21, 2005

Insane Left Smack Clinton on Iraq WMD

Mike Marqusee, writing for CounterPunch, where the insanity is so strong you can smell the disease, isn't fooled by Clinton's recent back peddling on the case against Saddam.
Clinton publicly backed the invasion of 2003--and he can't credibly claim he did so because (like the US public) he was misled by White House propaganda about Iraq's WMD and links to Al Qaeda. In fact, his administration laid the groundwork for the Iraq policy pursued by Bush.
Be sure to listen to this audio file put together by my peeps at WABC radio in NY and publicized by Drudge. It's a regular hit parade of Democratic politicians pushing the case for WMD. Either they were grossly negligent in their oversight capacity or they spineless political hacks who compromise national security for the sake of electoral politics. You decide.

While I'm at it, be sure to read this piece by the Hitch explaining how much tinfoil you need in your hat to believe Bush lied to the nation.