Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Good Day for Political Suicide

Why does political suicide seem to be the theme today?

A lot has happened since I got on the Circulator (one of the best kept public secrets in DC). Senate minority leader forced the Senate into closed session, which includes, among other things dimming the lights. Apparently dim lighting goes well with sepiku and chugging the anti-war koolaid.

This is a transparent attempt to shift the Senate's (and the nation's) attention from what they should be doing, namely confirming Alito. Apparently the Dems are trying to extend "Fitzmas," since it didn't play as well as they hoped the first time around. Unfortunately for them their solution is not to be found in a closed-session of the Senate. If anything this will demonstrate the vacuity that is their platform.

And so, as Harry Reid valiantly tries to exploit Libby's indictment for all it's worth, let us remember one thing: The Libby indictment has nothing to do with the war, no matter what Dick Durbin says.

As to backlash, does anyone remember the uproar when the GOP "shut down" the government?