Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Are You A Good Person?

I've hit upon the perfect test to see whether you are a good person. If you feel pity when you watch this video, good for you. Other choice heatbreakers are this one and this one (crescendos at 2:30 mark). Go to this page if you want to see more.

It is truly a sad state of affairs. Especially the use of the little kids pointing to the rostrum while shout "Yechi!." The image is very disturbing (e.g.) .

For all things Chabad, read this and this.

Personally, I really like Chabad. The rabbi I consult is Chabad, I like singing La Marseilles in davening, I think Al Tirah is the best part of daily Jewish liturgy, and I think it is useful to be able to slug whiskey and talk about God with a rabbi. All this is a response to losing their primary religious figure who encouraged them to think he was the Messiah. It's sad, but to what degree is our faith removed from theirs? There, but for the grace of the rebbe, go us.