Friday, November 25, 2005

After Dinner Movie

Tonight I am enjoying Exodus along with a Romeo y Julieto (Habana).

Here are two techniques for those of you who have some cigars lying around outside the misty confines of a humidor:

1. The Bathroom Method:

Place the cigar on a ledge in the bathroom. Run the shower and the sink at full blast as hot as you can make them. Close the door and let the steam accumulate in the room. A bonus technique is to place the cigar in a perforates baggie and afix it to the room's vent if it has one. Many vents have a leverfor opening and closing the vent which makes a handy place to hook the bag onto. I do not like this method because the area you are filling with steam is far larger than the area of the cigar, hence it is inefficient. Also, if the room is large and the water heater small, you may not generate enough steam.

2. The respondingtojblogs Method (pat. pending):

Take a small sauce pan and fill it with a cup of water. Fold a sheet of tinfoil so a strip several layer thick, 2 inches wide, and about 8 inches long is formed. Perforate the center of the strip with a fork. Fold the strip of foil into a U-shape around the cigar, so that the cigar is centered on the strip. Now fold the strip with the cigar in the center so that the foil is mesa-shaped and affix the foil to the pot. Cover the whole mess with a hood of foil to trap the steam and turn the burner on full blast and moisten to perfection.

Back to the movie, I liked Eva Marie Saint better in North by Northwest (I have yet to see On the Waterfront). The book, which I read in high school after finding a copy in the yeshiva's library (how it survived there, I will never know) is far, far better than the movie.

Still, it is nice to reflect on that fleeting moment in history when it was cool to be Jewish.