Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mikvah Men

I don't post personal stuff too often, but I figure 1:00 in the morning is the perfect time.

When I was younger, like any good Yeshiva student, I visited the mikvah at least twice a year. Not to get too graphic, but the human body is NOT supposed to look like that. Since then, thank God, I've embraced physical fitness, but each time I happen to mention it to a UO rabbi, they do the intellectual equivalent of an eyeroll. Is there a reason the UO are opposed to physical fitness?

I reinjured my shoulder in August playing basketball, and ever since I've been avoiding weight training and waking up to find my shoulder out of the socket. I rested as best I could and I figured it's high time to get back into the weight room. Three hours later, I am none to worse for the wear, minus some routine muscle aches.

And I think I found the perfect motivation mantra: Not like the mikvah men, not like the mikvah men.