Monday, October 31, 2005

Madonna Defends Kaballah, Invokes Nazis

According to Haaretz, Madonna defended her membership in the Kaballah Center to the NY Daily News:
"It would be less controversial if I joined the Nazi Party," the singer told the New York Daily News newspaper Monday.

She went on to say:
"It's not hurting anybody," she said. "What do you mean, you study the Torah if you're not Jewish? What do you mean, you pray to God and wear sexy clothes? We don't understand this. It frightens people. So they try to denigrate it or trivialize it so that it makes more sense".

Gee, that makes a lot of sense in light of the fact that her organization defrauded a cancer a victim out of tens of thousands of dollars. I suppose bilking people out of money never hurt anyone. And she would know. How much money has the Kaballah Center gotten out of her?