Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Early Release for Pollard?

Jonathan Pollard (obligatory wiki), a civilian intelligence analyst, who was sentenced to life for passing sensitive intelligence documents to Israel (but not reporters), may be up for early release. The Bureau of Prisons' Inmate Locator Tool lists Pollard's "projected release date" as November 21, 2015. While the website is hardly the final say, this could give new hope to those seeking his release.

Personally, I have no sympathy for Pollard. He spied for a foreign power and got his comeuppance. I'm not sure his treasonous efforts were worth casting suspicion on every American Jew applying for a clearance.

Via Haaretz.

Note: The wiki states that Pollard was a naval intelligence officer. I am fairly certain that is incorrect, but feel free to correct me.