Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lessons I've Learned

A longtime ago a cliched-ridden friend told me that if I wanted to keep on everyone's good side, I was never to discuss "politics, religion, or baseball." So far this blog has hit the former two, but I have discovered a new unmentionable. Harry Potter. I never understood the Harry Potter craze. Grown adults reading children's books with the sort of religious frenzy that I tend to associate with Mecca or Lakewood. So when my friends who rarely crack a book started pushing this latest fad on me, I smiled and politely declined. And I stayed safe. Someone would ask me what I think of Harry Potter and I would be able to say that "I've honestly never heard of it, but I hear good things about it." I have now lost my innocence. A few weeks ago, I read the first Harry Potter book. I'm sure it's a great read for a ten year old, but I honestly have more important things to do with my time. JK Rowling is no Roald Dahl and Harry Potter is no Great Brain. Unfortunately, now when someone asks me what I think of Harry Potter I am forced to reluctantly admit that I read it and didn't like it, which is a good way to tick people off. And before you start going off on me let me tell you this- I never watched a single episode of Survivor, American Idol, the Blair Witch Project and other meaningless, flash-in-the-pan fads full of sound and fury signifying nothing.