Friday, July 22, 2005

WaPo Quick to Slander Settlers

I saw this on the metro yesterday:

NABLUS, West Bank -- Jewish settlers stabbed a Palestinian boy to death in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, witnesses said. They said the 12-year-old was ambushed by several settlers near his home in the village of Qaryot. Israel Radio said the attack followed a march by settlers into the village. The boy was stabbed 11 times, medics said. An Israeli police spokesman said the stabbing was under investigation.

I thought it was a strange story, both for its content and that so few inches were devoted to an explosive story. Today we learn that it was untrue:

Immediately after the incident, a Palestinian security official said witnesses had reported the boy had been stabbed by Jewish settlers who had marched into the village, south of the West Bank city of Nablus.

But senior Palestinian security officials investigating the incident said on Thursday there was no evidence that settlers had been behind the stabbing.

But Reuters cannot resist a cheap shot:

Settlers have often attacked and harassed Palestinian residents since a Palestinian uprising began almost five years ago. Settlers have also come under regular attack by Palestinian militants. the settlers have lauched hundreds of rockets at Palestinian civilians.