Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Saints and Soldiers

I saw this movie last night. I found it to be a solid WWII movie, with excellent battle sequences and a strong moral. Although the characters were very stereotypical (so a Southerner, a Jew from Brooklyn, and a religious dude get into a war...), the director used his medium skillfully. From what I understand the film had an incredibly low budget (something like $150k), yet it deserved the many Best Pictures it won.

After viewing the movie, I trolled around IMDB to see what others though about it. I found it strange that many reviewers made mention that the filmmakers are Mormon. Although there are hints that the hero is a Mormon, it is not central to the story. It is strange that an anti-Mormon bias still exists. You would think a few decades of persecution would have gotten rid of that. The Mormons I am privileged to know are the most moral and upstanding people I have met. They weathered initial persecution without any shtetl neuroses and crafted an excellent moral code. This movie is a credit to them and the beauty of Utah.