Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Kippot Question

I was intending to ease up on the blogging, but AskShifra has tipped my hand.

She is guest blogging at DovBear and posted my question to her:

I first confronted my MO identity crisis when I posted a profile on Frumster. I put myself down as MO, but I am from a very Yeshivish background (through high school). I felt that there is no way I can justify calling myself Yeshivish. While the Frumster profile has gone away, my crisis as it is has not. I think I am MO by default although I don't subscribe to its dogma.
My question is- am I full of crap if I wonder if I should change my kippa type from Yeshivish velvet to the supercool MO crochet? Does that show that my transformation was for cosmetic purposes only?

While her initial reply threw in a few false assumpstions, namely that I have become less observant since splitting with Yeshiva , I look forward to her answer.