Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Heshy Flips His Lid

Everyone's favorite internet vagabond has finally lost it:

Jews from Brooklyn to Jerusalem have been showering the Iranian government with much praise at their crackdown against homosexuals.Rabbis have applauded the Iranian government for standing up against immorality.Unfortunatly the secular government of Israel and it's supreme court have allowed homosexuals to hold their march in the holy city of Jerusalem.In fact the current prime minister Mr. Sharon personally met with leading homosexuals in his office.Hopefully in the near future as the religious population in Israel increases and becomes a majority we will consult the Iranian government on how best to curb the homosexual criminals.In the meantime may you the government of Iran blaze the path in fighting immorality.Greetings from the Jewish people in the name of G-d.

My reply:

Heshy, my first reaction is to use every 4 letter word known to man. Many of my friends fled Iran's murderous theocracy and for you to praise them is beyond the pale. Two possibilities exist:

1. You are a brilliant satirist. I've considered this for a while, but I find it hard to believe that you would post your address and phone number if you were only imitating an ignorant, bigoted Jew.

2. You are truly insane. Your vision of judiasim is exactly what the mullah's version of islam is- a vehicle of hate and oppression. You, the Ayatollah and Osama would find each other on the same wavelength. Maybe you can invite them all to your Friday night seudah.

If you are really insane I suppose I should feel bad for you, but the internet is not a place to coddle maniacs. May you have a refuah sh'leimah.