Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bachelor Cooking

As a bachelor, I seem to always have several dozen cans of tuna nearby. This is a problem because tuna, as chock full of protein as it is, tends to taste like slimy sewage. Especially if you purchase the low-mercury kind. So what exactly can you do with canned tuna other than mix it with mayo for a sandwich, hardly a hearty dinner, or put in a blender and make a fishy protein shake? For you enjoyment here is my recipe for Canned Tuna Fishcakes:

Two cans chunk light tuna
One cup matzo meal
Two large eggs
Olive oil
Crushed red pepper
White pepper

In medium sized bowl, mash the tuna around until it has a uniform goopy consistency. This might be what some epicureans refer to as "flaking." Add the two eggs and mix well. Add matzo meal and mix well. Add a teaspoon of olive oil. Now the critical part- the white pepper and the crushed red pepper are there to mask the awful tuna taste, use liberally.

Coat a large skillet with olive oil and place on low flame. Form patties roughly 2" in diameter and place in skillet. Cover and fry until brown on one side, then flip. Makes 6-8 patties.

This is my way of dealing with tuna, what's yours?